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Hi, my name is Don and in the weekdays I am working as a software developer. However, in the weekends I enjoy hiking a lot, I like the freedom of the mountains and the way you feel there almost independent of the civilization and everything it gives you. This blog is my private place. Have a nice time reading!

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5 Tips for Designing and Maintaining Green Areas

5 Tips for Designing and Maintaining Green Areas

The construction of green areas begins with their designing, and this is done above all else. To do this, you need a lot of concentration, a great deal of attention and what not. Instead of being tortured only by building the home garden, you could for a short time. Here are the basic rules for feeling good, enjoying an incredible garden.

  1. Select local plant species

Among the most crucial moments about whether your home garden will be successful or not is whether you have staked on traditional native species of plants or not. The view that native species can not be exotic is a complete absurdity. When you walk among the trees and some fragrant forest do you enjoy every breath of the aromatic forest aroma? By choosing local fauna, you will feel much more free from the care of your plant.

How to deal with floor cleaning at home

How to deal with floor cleaning at home

General home cleaning always takes a long time, especially when planning to clean room by room. The better plan is to map out all the tasks you have to complete and move from room to room. This will keep you up and the list will remind you of the next task. Another option is call to end of lease cleaning company and do the job for you.
We recommend cleaning when there is a natural light that will allow you to see all dust and dirt so that it does not prove that your efforts have been in vain. We are sure that if the weather is good and prompts you to go out, you will be more expedient and will not let you lose your rhythm.
When we talk about cleaning the floors at home, we need to know what kind they are to care for them in the right way. It is important to rely on quality preparations that will not damage them and will provide the cleanliness and disinfection that we need.

What should we use?

For cleaning, we advise you to use a damp cloth or a mop rather than a water that drips out of water because it may leave stains on the floor when it dries. We recommend that you not only rely on water because you can only soften the dirt. Alternative home-made products could damage the surface, so we strongly advise you to discuss the issue even when buying and installing the floor in your house. A safe choice is a cleaning detergent that is effective in disinfecting highly contaminated surfaces and also in daily use.

Online Shopping – Pros and Cons

Online Shopping – Pros and Cons


Image of online shop

Online shop

For many people, besides necessity, shopping is fun, and walking in the shops is a ritual that they will not replace for anything. But for many others, it is an annoying, time-consuming activity in which only the end result is important. But for both groups of users, they sometimes have to resort to the shopping way that is unpleasant to them. What do I mean? Even if you love to go shopping and you are uncomfortable with the Internet, sooner or later you will need a product that can hardly be found in a physical store but could easily be found with one search . For example, if you like to visit bookstores and browse books, but you must urgently find one or several rare old books, it would be foolish to start browsing bookstores and hoping to find books quickly. It would be much easier to visit an online bookstore, enter the titles of the books you are looking for, and order them online. Even if you do not remember the titles well, you would find them very easily by author, publisher, year of issue, and so on. If you are a fan of online shopping, it is inappropriate to order online goods to be tested, seen and so on. Especially when this product is distributed on the market. And when you need fast money you know that you can take short term loans online also.

The price

So far we have only talked about the preferences and conveniences of the two shopping ways. The next factor that affects is the price. When calculating the price differences of a product that is available both in stores and online, we should keep in mind that when buying online we will pay for a courier service and in the other case we will waste time. It is logical that the goods offered online are cheaper, as online stores have lower costs than physical ones – high rents, consumables, labor, and more. However, this is not always the case because prices are also determined by other factors. In addition, for cheaper goods, courier costs are higher.

Useful activities with which we can save money

Useful activities with which we can save money

If you’ve taken payday loan bad credit and wondering where to save money so you can pay your instalment in time, we’ll introduce you to a few activities that will keep you entertained and save money in this article.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to have fun. Click To Tweet

One must be able to live with little and much money. Now we’ll show you how to have fun with little money.

Outdoor sports

Image of golf player

Golf player

We often look for meetings and entertainment to shake ourselves from worries and thoughts. There is no better way for the goal, however, than sports. Especially if it’s outdoors. Whether you run, ride a bicycle or stop at one of the many parks and gardens.

Free events

There is more and more regularity, and it is a mistake not to take advantage of the pleasant atmosphere of regular indoor and outdoor festivals, exhibitions, and concerts, as well as events such as Night of Museums or around the holidays. You can enjoy them with family or friends and get to know a lot of new people. And for the kids the list is inexhaustible.

Why are we afraid to speak in a foreign language?

Why are we afraid to speak in a foreign language?

Image of communicationForeign language learning and related communicative anxiety for decades have intrigued a number of psychologists, linguists and teachers.
Some scholars have identified anxiety in learning foreign languages as “a sense of tension and the emergence of tedious processes in speaking, listening and learning, which are mainly related to training in a second foreign language.” The authors are of the opinion that communicative anxiety is one of the main obstacles to lasting learning and free use of foreign languages.
Other authors report on the relationship between communicative anxiety in English language education, such as anxiety, depression, fear of failure, isolation, psychological withdrawal, lack of linguistic competence, etc.

The phenomenon of “communicative anxiety”

Polish writer Eva Hoffman first discovered and wrote about the phenomenon of “communicative anxiety in her English language”. She says she often suffered from a high level of tension when she was supposed to speak in a foreign language and described her emotional experiences in situations requiring verification of her foreign language skills.
It has been shown that emotional intelligence directly affects foreign language learning. 464 people who studied 4 foreign languages were examined for this hypothesis. They are placed in 5 different situations in which to use a foreign language – chat with friends, colleagues, strangers, on the phone and in front of the audience. Participants are divided into three groups depending on their level of emotional intelligence – low, medium and high.
The results prove that the group with a high level of emotional intelligence has little communicative anxiety when using the first foreign language. According to data, people with high emotional intelligence communicate best with strangers, then on the phone and less well with an audience with only one foreign language. Highly emotionally, intelligent people using 4 foreign languages share that they love to communicate with both friends and strangers without any problems.
According to the data, people who have started their second and third language foreign language education at an earlier age show a much lower level of communicative anxiety and appreciate themselves as being more emotionally intelligent.

What are the conclusions?

Significant factors that reduce anxiety in using a foreign language are:
– Knowledge of more than one foreign language
– more frequent use of foreign languages
– communicating in foreign languages in a wide network of interlocutors.

The english language

English is the official first language for over 375 million people worldwide. Click To Tweet

If we add and all for which English is the second official language, the number increases to 750 million people. If weImage of speaking count on them all the people in the world who speak English well enough to have a conversation, the number now exceeds one billion. English is the main language in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many others. It is spoken by hundreds of millions of Europeans and Indians and is one of the official languages of the UN. Every year millions of people in the world begin to learn English because it is a major means of communication for people from different nationalities and countries around the world, and the number of language learners is constantly increasing. And the most popular english exam is TOEFL. Its preparation is not so difficult. You can check your level by free TOEFL practice test.


To Entertain Ourselves

In life we constantly, try to enjoy ourselves. For many people this takes different forms. It can be the bliss from buying a new pair of jeans or going to a remote island. Whatever it is you need to make sure you experience life in order to grow. If you are thinking about a long holiday, Croatia has some amazing beaches. You can travel there and experience the night life which is so intertwined into the beach life too. Summer is perfect there and anywhere in your Europe for that matter. You can experience some amazing things and meet amazing people.

Before you go, you need to buy some nice pair of clothes. You can get great clothing for women from STYLEWE. An amazing store online that has everything from lingerie, swimwear to corporate and evening dresses. Be your dazzling self as you experience the world over. Summer dresses are extremely popular these days. With designs from independent designers trending the world over, summer dresses are in style. They are extremely flexible and comfortable at the same time. Some of them can even pass of for amazing night club wear too.

If you are going to have a great time on the beach somewhere, then you need to be prepared. Even if crocket was your thing you need to be dresses elegantly for it.bikini-377487_640 The impression you make initially is important so make sure you portray the best of yourself and cherish every moment. Sipping coconut water on a beach might be the most enjoyable thing every for a lot of folks too.

Excitement of meeting and making friends with people from different cultures is unparalleled. Who knows you can end up on a yacht while feeding a dolphin. Life is strange and it sis important you live every second of it. Being comfortable and having the right clothing is important for all these occasion as it can be bad if you don’t fit in with the people around you.

The Lost Secret of Finding a Job

If you’re someone who’s an introvert and prefers to work by himself, obtaining a marketing degree or a sales job isn’t something you should aim for! Be sure everything is well-organized so you can carry on the work search with no obstacles.working-690680_960_720 The work experience would accumulate in your profile whenever you go out searching for a job in the near future, and will certainly provide you with an edge in the very long run. Not just are you going to get to satisfy different folks, yet this job will hone your social skills.

Here is one of the many ideas for home job – the dropshipping!

Start a Business

How to Work from Home Making Money with Dropshipping

This is a very profitable startup business that will allow you to work from home. All you need with dropshipping is the product information, media files and a reliable supplier. You take orders, accept payments and wait for them to clear. You then pass the orders to the supplier and the supplier ships the orders. The supplier then sends a bill to your company that you pay.

Here’s what dropshipping is and why it’s so great for those who don’t have a lot of money in the bank: it is a way of selling products where you sell a product and a supplier or a manufacturer delivers the product directly to your customers without you ever having to stock, store, purchase or ship goods directly.

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Included Inside This Book…

• Finding a niche in the market

• Deciding on a profitable product that you want to sell

• How to locate a dropshipping supplier for your products

• How to list your products on various profitable platforms

• Sales and the after sales process explained

• and Much, Much More!

Original Source: http://www.etrafficlane.com/60dollarmiracle/start-a-business-how-to-work-from-home-making-money-with-dropshipping

There could be times when you find websites, which might say they would offer sewing jobs from home, but would like you to pay some funds first. Then, a simple way out is to discover an on-line job. Find as many details about all of the new fields that you’re considering to enter and realize the type of jobs they give that match your expectations. Although some NGOs might appear reluctant, there’ll be others who’ll supply you with a job and also would encourage you to truly make a living all on your own. Nevertheless, you should learn to come across the current job openings and prepare for departure. This is among the simplest job that will be able to help you earn some money.


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