How to deal with floor cleaning at home

How to deal with floor cleaning at home

Image of cleaning kidGeneral home cleaning always takes a long time, especially when planning to clean room by room. The better plan is to map out all the tasks you have to complete and move from room to room. This will keep you up and the list will remind you of the next task. Another option is call to end of lease cleaning company and do the job for you.
We recommend cleaning when there is a natural light that will allow you to see all dust and dirt so that it does not prove that your efforts have been in vain. We are sure that if the weather is good and prompts you to go out, you will be more expedient and will not let you lose your rhythm.
When we talk about cleaning the floors at home, we need to know what kind they are to care for them in the right way. It is important to rely on quality preparations that will not damage them and will provide the cleanliness and disinfection that we need.

What should we use?

For cleaning, we advise you to use a damp cloth or a mop rather than a water that drips out of water because it may leave stains on the floor when it dries. We recommend that you not only rely on water because you can only soften the dirt. Alternative home-made products could damage the surface, so we strongly advise you to discuss the issue even when buying and installing the floor in your house. A safe choice is a cleaning detergent that is effective in disinfecting highly contaminated surfaces and also in daily use.

What is the method of cleaning?

When cleaning and the smallest detail helps us to save time and at the same time to be highly efficient. When it comes to floor cleaning, there is a specific way of moving the cloth to cover the entire space without going back through the cleaned with a dirty mop. We choose the direction that the width is not too big and confuse which of the parts we have already passed with a preparation. Once we clean everything, it is advisable to wait for 10-15 minutes to dry out so that we do not make any footprints or repeated patches.

Why it is important?

It is a well-known fact that dust and dirt remain on the hard surfaces, but when they are in motion or in the air, they fall into it again. Therefore, the issue of disinfection is extremely important. On average, such surfaces collect about 764 bacteria per square meter, so be sure to clean it regularly. And while some of them help you and your family to strengthen your immunity, there is 1% that would make you sick. Maintaining a disinfected environment will ensure your health and that of those you love.

Finishing works

It is desirable not to use oils, waxes or sprays for furniture. Click To Tweet

The oil remains traces, and the sofas make the surface slippery, as if you are on an ice rink. The wax takes time to be spread, but then makes it harder for subsequent repainting or varnishing of the floors. If we hold a brilliant glow, we could go again this time with a slightly moistened cloth to remove even the few stains that could remain when the water dries.

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