End of tenancy cleaning: dorm edition

End of tenancy cleaning: dorm edition

You are freshmen and you have spent a wonderful first year in the university. You are a senior and you are leaving the campus forever. You are one of the many students going home, going to an internship or to a work and travel program this summer. It’s already May and all of you have mixed feelings about what’s going to happen in the near future, but you all are united by one huge idea – your hatred for the end of tenancy cleaning. Yes, you lived well here these past months, you didn’t clean a lot, but isn’t that the advantage of not living with your parents anymore? And now, out of nowhere, you have to face this huge cleaning without the help of your dear mom, even without her annoying directions and continuous advice.

Keep calm, there’s definitely one think you’ve learnt in the university and that’s how to cope with urgent situations when the deadline is around the corner.

Find your strengths

We can do it. Housewife powerful jesture

Firstly, talk seriously with your roommate about all the things you should do. Make a plan. Decide if you prefer to hire a cleaning company spending a little bit more money or you will be able to do it all by yourself. Find the end of tenancy checklist and according to it, determine which activity suits you better. If you have never cleaned before, especially after tenancy, you better ask for help or at least for some tips. A good idea is to ask other students, who are experienced and have done this before. Only they can give you proper advice. You can also ask your friends to gather and make small team of 4-5 people. In this way you can clean two rooms faster, because you have combined your strengths.

Detergents and cleaning tools

Well, you are leaving in only a week, so it’s absolutely insane to go and spend a lot of money, buying different kinds of detergents and cleaning tools. Be creative. Make a research about some kind of “detergents” you can make by yourself. Don’t go too far. Most often not too many things are needed for a good cleaning. Another option is to go and ask the housekeepers to lend you some of the cleaning tools. Thus you won’t have to spend much money and in the same time you can have a perfect cleaning with a perfect result.

Don’t procrastinate

Yes, you did it the whole year in the uni, but when it’s about the end of tenancy cleaning the procrastination is definitely not the best idea. When you have your plan done, immediately start working and don’t lose time. The sooner you are ready, the sooner you will feel free from this annoying engagement and you will be able to enjoy the time after your finals.

Playing beer pong, meeting your friends... are all things far better than the boring after tenancy cleaning. Click To Tweet

And we all know that going out, playing beer pong, meeting your friends for a last time before the summer, are all things far better than the boring after tenancy cleaning.

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