5 Tips for Designing and Maintaining Green Areas

Image of plantThe construction of green areas begins with their designing, and this is done above all else. To do this, you need a lot of concentration, a great deal of attention and what not. Instead of being tortured only by building the home garden, you could for a short time. Here are the basic rules for feeling good, enjoying an incredible garden.

  1. Select local plant species

Among the most crucial moments about whether your home garden will be successful or not is whether you have staked on traditional native species of plants or not. The view that native species can not be exotic is a complete absurdity. When you walk among the trees and some fragrant forest do you enjoy every breath of the aromatic forest aroma? By choosing local fauna, you will feel much more free from the care of your plant.

  1. Optimize space

There are some things to consider when designing and building the home garden. One of them is the optimization of space. This is an extremely important moment, because the plants will be able to cover the entire area of ​​the yard, leaving no empty and deserted ugly places. It is important that each corner be occupied by the appropriate plants. For example, some plants prefer sunny places in the yard, while others prefer to have a little more shade.

  1. Take care of the season

In the first year you have a newly built garden you will probably be surprised by how much work you have to do with wintering, preparation for spring, summer and winter maintenance. Seasonal care is one of the best things to do, so it’s good to turn that seasonal care into just a routine.

  1. Protect yourself from pests

The most important thing you need to do is to eliminate any possible risk of planting and breeding pests. Click To Tweet

This can be done using winter and summer mulch, thus minimizing any risk of possible weeds. This is an important task that will make your job in keeping the plants easier at times.

  1. Trust professionals

Image of gardenerThe construction and design of the green area in your home, villa or office is of really great importance because it can significantly and to a large extent raise the price of your property. That’s why it’s good not to get tortured with projects that you do not understand and can not get into details, just to get a decent holiday while someone else is committed to building all that.


After you already know all this important information the last thing left is to choose your front yard landscape designs and start acting. Еverything is in your hands.

In this video you can see the green areas in London