Heaven is a place on Earth: Halkidiki

Heaven is a place on Earth: Halkidiki

This is a place of timelessness, a place – sensation, not a simple peninsula; it’s an experience and emotion. Halkidiki is the place to live, to spend the whole summer, to forget the everydayness, all the problems and concerns, to relax in the most real meaning of this word – to be at ease.

Halkidiki is the endless beaches with fine, bright, warm sand…

Halkidiki is not full of resorts; it’s full of little lively and spiritual towns. Halkidiki is the endless beaches with fine, bright, warm sand, where you could relax drinking the unique cold frappe and, more importantly, you could enjoy the lovely blue sea and its calmness which soon turns into your calmness, too. You dip into the water and feel the initial coolness that takes off from your body, from you, all the stress and makes you one of them, one of the Greeks – calm, happy, thoughtful and wise, emotional, expressive, and cheerful. This perfectly blue sea is reflected into the eyes of your beloved. You go out and you do not need anything. You feel free. After some hours spent here, you have already found for yourself, the truth, the key to the typical Greek tranquility – ancient and eternal.

You leave this Halkidiki beach and you are soon back on the mazy roads which take you to the next delightful town – with wonderful white houses, with even more cute blue shutters, with tiny, little streets that remind you of Italy and Spain, but are so Greek in the reality. You go up to hills – green and beautiful, where you could see this whole heaven from above. You then go back down to the small, precious port, where boats and yachts are tied to wooden pegs on the quay and swing in the water. Tired, but inspired you decide to stop for a dinner in one of the lovely family restaurants which serves you the most scrumptious Greek salad with Feta cheese, offers you fish and other sea delicacy meshed only a couple of hours ago. Enjoying your glass of cold ouzo, you relish the enthralling food. The wonderful service is something you notice for sure – the smiley waiter, going back and forth, trying to make your experience in this heaven even better. You taste the hot, just baked bread that melts in your mouth. You are trying the savory olives gathered from the tree in the garden which was planted thousands of years ago when here ancient Greeks felt the same way like you do. You then start talking with your beloved, or with your friends, you forget what time it is, you do not even try to remember, because in a place like this time is a too relative concept. It is late at night when you go back to the beach and enjoy the moon and the sea and the timelessness, and your heart fills with joy. You realize that Halkidiki is not a simple place on Earth; it’s a feeling that brings you salty and blue memories and makes you want to come back again and again. An adequate reason to build home exactly here.

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