How to prepare for a cleaning job interview?

How to prepare for a cleaning job interview?

If you have decided to apply for a position in the cleaning sector then you should prepare well for the interview as the employer will most likely ask a lot of questions to check if your knowledge and expertise are right for the position. When applying for a cleaning job, you have to remember that you could be asked to clean offices, homes, restaurants and even hospitals. That is why you will be asked numerous of questions and the more experience you have in the cleaning sector the better. Your working schedule will also have to be very flexible as some clients may ask you to go in the morning, some late in the evening. In the offices, cleaning is performed in the evening or during the weekend so no staff is around.

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The aim of the interviewer will be to establish how skilled you are, how responsible you are and what motivates you to do your job properly. Some people probably think that an interview for a cleaner can’t be that complicated however it… Click To Tweet


There are no right and wrong answers to a question. The main thing is to stay honest and positive. Don’t speak of anything negative and don’t say bad things about your previous employer. You have to express an attitude towards cleanliness and you have to persuade your future employer that you are passionate about the job and really want it. Whilst preparing for the interview, it will be wise to write down a small motivational speech and some examples of previous work you have done related to cleaning. You can take the piece of paper with you at the interview.

When you attend the interview, don’t expect to be asked only questions related to cleaning. You will be asked traditional questions as well in order to give an idea to the interviewer about yourself and your professional background. The questions will most likely be about your personality, strengths and weaknesses, reasons for wanting the job, future career plans, your knowledge of the company you are applying to work with, reasons why you think you are the right candidate for the position, what you liked and disliked about your previous job, roles and responsibilities in your previous employment and last but not least your availability to start work. Once the employer is done with questioning you, they will give you the opportunity to ask questions. Make sure that you have prepared and know what to ask – roles and responsibilities, working pattern, when you would find out the result. Asking the right questions is just as important as giving the right answers.

Going for a cleaning job interview is no different than any other interview.

The employer would be interested in establishing a connection with you in order to find out the type of person you are, how reliable you can be and your motivation for the job. If you dress smart and present yourself as a nice and kind person, you will certainly make a good impression.

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