New and Innovative Cleaning Team Offers its Service in Chelsea

Today I could still so clearly remember my two experiences with an end of tenancy cleaning – a task that is getting more and more important and ever more demanding and challenging for an unprofessional. The first time I thought that no matter what others say, I am strong and capable enough to perform such a cleaning by myself. And not only this, but I believed genuinely that I could cope with it in a single weekend only. So after work on Friday I printed one of the checklists used during the inspections, which follow such cleanings. I woke up early the very next day and roll up my sleeves. cleaning-268134_960_720Everything that happened thereafter I could not so clearly remember. But what I know is that in the late Sunday evening I hadn’t completed all the tasks on the checklists, but I was so miserably exhausted that I simply gave up. Logically, I saw no security deposit and had to face the failure. Years later, I believed I was wiser and way more rational, so when I had to move out, I didn’t wonder even for a second and directly started looking for a cleaning team. In the Chelsea are back then only a few companies offered their services and I had no great choice. However, I didn’t know that making the right choice was so important in this situation. I naively thought that every cleaning team will do the work and I will soon have that money with me and leave the house with pride and joy in the heart. But one more time, that was not the case. The cleaner had done nothing as they should have. They have cleaned just like I did the very first time. The inspector looked at the house suspiciously and one more time I didn’t get that so desired pass.

All these made me hate this task more than anything in the world. I abhorred it and I was allergic to it in a sense that even this slightest thought and a delightful mention about end of tenancy cleaning made me sick. And then, just as normally happens in life, my rent agreement ended and I had no choice, but to take care of another, let’s call it, “such thing”. But this time I was more than determined to pass. Three times in a row of failures would kill mu self-confidence and I could not allow it at any price. So I took the task super seriously and started making a research. Thanks God, this time I was lucky. Not long thereafter, I found that amazing end of tenancy cleaning team that has just arrived in Chelsea and that

performs such cleanings on a whole new level. They were nothing like the cleaners I met before and what they delivered was not just a cleaning. They were skillful, polite, friendly and punctual. They brought back to me the faith in humanity and they brought me an inspection pass.

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