Online Shopping – Pros and Cons

Online Shopping – Pros and Cons

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Online shop

For many people, besides necessity, shopping is fun, and walking in the shops is a ritual that they will not replace for anything. But for many others, it is an annoying, time-consuming activity in which only the end result is important. But for both groups of users, they sometimes have to resort to the shopping way that is unpleasant to them. What do I mean? Even if you love to go shopping and you are uncomfortable with the Internet, sooner or later you will need a product that can hardly be found in a physical store but could easily be found with one search . For example, if you like to visit bookstores and browse books, but you must urgently find one or several rare old books, it would be foolish to start browsing bookstores and hoping to find books quickly. It would be much easier to visit an online bookstore, enter the titles of the books you are looking for, and order them online. Even if you do not remember the titles well, you would find them very easily by author, publisher, year of issue, and so on. If you are a fan of online shopping, it is inappropriate to order online goods to be tested, seen and so on. Especially when this product is distributed on the market. And when you need fast money you know that you can take short term loans online also.

The price

So far we have only talked about the preferences and conveniences of the two shopping ways. The next factor that

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Online basket

affects is the price. When calculating the price differences of a product that is available both in stores and online, we should keep in mind that when buying online we will pay for a courier service and in the other case we will waste time. It is logical that the goods offered online are cheaper, as online stores have lower costs than physical ones – high rents, consumables, labor, and more. However, this is not always the case because prices are also determined by other factors. In addition, for cheaper goods, courier costs are higher.

If we order online goods cost 1 pound, and we pay 5 pounds per courier, this is 500% of the price of the item. For more expensive goods, this percentage is decreasing, and most online stores offer free delivery when ordering above a certain price.

Online shopping involves risks

Last but not least, we need to keep in mind that online shopping also involves risks. Click To Tweet

Besides we can be deceived, we can be mistaken and the product does not meet our expectations. In this case, we need to know that by law we have the right to return it within 7 days. We also need to keep in mind that in most online stores there are goods that are not available and even the store may not be up to date. In that case, we will not lose anything, but it is unpleasant. However, these risks can be avoided if we use the services of reputable online stores. If the item is not available, we will be notified promptly, and if it does not meet our expectations, we will agree to return it.


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