The easy and inexpensive bedroom transformation

The easy and inexpensive bedroom transformation

Oh my God, the bedroom, this precious heaven, this escape of the reality, this deliverance. It is not a single room any more, it is a sacral place where your nightmares die, having to meet the morning sunbeams, where your soul finds a cozy and real home, where you are two only, happy, sharing, loving, arguing, cuddling, where your eyes are closed, your mind open. This is indeed one of your favorites room at home, isn’t it?

Its enthralling magic is hidden not behind the curtains, not under the bed, not in the closet as well, but in your perception of it and in its uniqueness.

Your home is where you may fall asleep perfectly safe and calm and entrusting. But what happens when this room is one of all in your home, nothing special, no emotions, no sensations, but a room with a bed. What happens if this bedroom is full of things that remind you of someone and memories you made with this same person as well, a person you now so desperately want to forget. What then? Don’t worry though, you can change it all, if you want. And the best news is that it won’t leave you broke until the end of the year.


The easy and inexpensive bedroom transformation1This solution is definitely not the easiest one, but it is something which can be facilely noticed and which is indeed a change. So look for a color that is completely different from the one you have now and then plan the whole painting. It is a not a challenging task at all, if you have some friends to help you and some knowledge. Prepare well, don’t allow all the furniture to get some paint stains, work properly, clean skillfully and in a day you will have a bedroom you will hardly recognize.

The bed sheets 

Right in the opposite this one sounds too easy. But which is the main character of your bedroom? The bed, right? It is in the middle, it is your favorite place to lay with a book and a cup of tea or a glass of wine, to cuddle, to love, to hate sometimes, to be together or alone. It is the place you are truly yourself and changing its overall appearance seems to be really successful. Find a new set of bed sheets, buy some new pillows and blankets and rearrange everything differently. Awesome!

The interior design

You need nothing too big here. You should not buy new wardrobe and bed and night tables, no. This would be too time-consuming and too costly as well. What makes the interior design of a room, are the details. Buy new frames, new mirror, new lamps, new armchair. Change those little things that bring the spirit of this room. Your bedroom is in a retro style, ok, change it and make it modern and new then. Thus when you go back to sleep at night, you will be grateful for sure.

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