Training For Cruise Ship Jobs In Uk

Training For Cruise Ship Jobs In Uk

Train for Free should be the motto of the cruise ship jobs course for most of the staff help can obtain free training on board a ship for their job. Hospitably, cleanliness, and other talents useful in dealing with the public are taught for no charge with many of the cruise lines. Of course, that is not true for the navigation teams including the captain and his team but there training is usually done on board the vessels so actual classroom time is not always required.

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The advantage to this approach is that the school has the pulse of the industry and can help to locate jobs that are available and even help with the job placement upon completion of the course. The number of brick and mortar training facilities are not as numerous as the online or distance learning opportunities. Here are some of the schools that offer training and job placement services while you are taking these courses in the comfort of your home:

CLIA offers online cruise ship training geared toward the travel industry approach.

Cruise Ship offers an e learning course for the cruise ship industry.

Harding Brothers offers a different spin on their courses. They look at the boutique shops on board a ship and give specific education in the methods of operation for a successful store. Classes include some accounting, some customer relations, a little product knowledge all geared at the boutique shop buyer.

UKCG or United Kingdom Guard Training is a non-profit group that trains young people to work aboard a ship. Their training is not limited to cruise ships but to all maritime vessels.

The Benefits

If you are beginning to think of a job on a cruise ship you should be aware of the many benefits that this job offers potential workers. In the United Kingdom the pay ranges between GBP 750 and GBP 1500 per month, will work probably more hours than at a non cruise line job. Of course, free travel is an obvious benefit and travel is to the most beautiful places in the world. Since you will be living on the cruise ship you are given room and board free of charge on the ship. Be aware that these are not the best rooms on the ship by any means. The position you have will determine so the benefits and freebies that you get. If you become a manager or an officer you may get your own cabin but those are few and far between, so plan on sharing a room when you are aboard the ship. Some cruise lines let you family travel with you for a small fee.

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You can attend classes at your favorite cruise line or participate in online and e courses. Some cruise ship jobs work is necessary for all even those with skills and license already such as massage therapist and beauticians. Boutique owners would benefit from course in shop management.

All of these courses and learning situations are wonderful but for most people the draw to this type of job is the free travel to the wonderful places that the cruises visit. If this is the goal, then it is well to do some research in to the restrictions for port travel. Some cruise ship jobs require that you be on the ship at all times while others allow for port travel and even encourage. Let’s say that if you were a tour guide for a port walking expedition then you’re off ship duties will allow you to leave the ship.

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