Trendy and chic: crop top with long skirt

Trendy and chic: crop top with long skirt

You thought that they will fade and be forgotten during the winter. Well, no. This 90s trend comes back in the spring and summer 2015 even more powerful. It appears to be in many of the shows part of the New York Fashion Week and the combinations of designs and fabrics truly amazed all of us.

Designed by Oscar De La Renta


And in fact, this wonderful clothing reveals only what it has to and shows one of the most beautiful parts of the women’s body (and the thinnest one, as well) – this between the bust and the waist. And in combination with the long skirt it creates a different and enthralling look. And while some of the designers choose a crop top that is tight-fitting, others show us more loose ones and the whole look is so summery and fresh.


In addition, this trend is not one of those, we see in the shows, but will never try for ourselves, because it’s completely applicable for every occasion. When you are on a summer holiday and you go for a dinner at night – your hair – wavy, your skin – tanned, and with the crop top and long skirt in the same floral design like Michael Kors’, you will look more than just amazing.

Designed by Michael Kors

2And back in the city, for a night out with friends, for a cocktail or a party, something more official, but still summery, the combination of these two: lace crop top and a maxi long dress in another color, you will definitely stand out in the crowd. Thus we want to debunk the myth that the crop top is only for a certain kind of figure. No, it suits everyone and is the ultimate trend for this summer. So do not hesitate and go for it.


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